Getting the most out of self-development books – Pink Vagabond

This year I started to read more self-development books. What I noticed was that the experience and process of reading these books was very different from reading fiction books.

It takes me longer to read non-fictional books. They make me thinking and I take breaks to process the information I just read. I think how it applies to me, whether it’s true for me and what I’m going to do with this new-found awareness.

When I read a self-development book too quickly I easily forgot what was it about or what I liked about it. I realized I need to pay more attention to the book in front of me in order to get more from it.

I decided to share how I go through the self-improvement books now. I hope it will help you to get more from books you read. To remember their content longer and reference it more easily. These are three things I have been doing while reading self-improvement books.

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First impressions of Barcelona from our recent 48 hour trip – Pink Vagabond

As one of our friends said, 48 hours is not enough time to fully experience Barcelona. But it is enough time to feel the spirit and soak the atmosphere of the city. We planned our trip on September knowing that the weather in Barcelona at this time of a year is still nice and sunny, but not too hot.

First afternoon

We took Ryanair flight from Brussels to Barcelona and back, which meant we had 48 hours from landing to the next take off. We arrived in Barcelona in early afternoon, made a quick stop at the apartment we rented through Airbnb and took a metro to the stop closest to the Park Güell. It was one of the things on our Barcelona bucket list.

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Asian Noodle Bowl with Chicken and Vegetables – Pink Vagabond

This Asian noodle bowl was an attempt to recreate a dish we tried years ago in Madrid. While walking the streets of the city we spotted a take-away Asian chain restaurant called Wok to Walk. First time, we had no idea whether the food will be good or not, but we really like the idea of customized Asian noodle and rice bowls, prepared from fresh ingredients right in front of our eyes. Since we saw the whole process of preparing these bowls, we had no problem to recreate them at home.

Today I will share with you our version of the Asian noodle bowl with chicken and vegetables. We played with different combinations of ingredients and liked this mix the most. They are available at every store, year around and I love how colorful the final noodle bowls are. We prepare each portion separately. It takes a bit more time, but we can each prepare it according our preferences.

Take our recipe as a suggestions because the variations you can come up with are endless. You can use whatever ingredients you like in stir fries and if you need an inspiration check the menu of Wok to Walk on their website.

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My favorite restaurants & cafés in Bratislava, Slovakia – Pink Vagabond

So many things have changed in Bratislava since we moved out of the city. Every time I come for a visit, there’s something new or different, a new restaurant, nice café or new shop. I tend to notice (and appreciate) more things now than when I’ve lived there. And I’m always happy to find a new place to visit and even happier to get back to my favorite places.

I also noticed that the quality of services got up a lot. And Bratislava finally grew out of a phase when it was trying to mimic the Western countries. The city rediscovered the love for and pride in the local traditions and heritage. Many cafés, street food spots and restaurants have an authentic story, unique vision and noble goal of serving high quality food for reasonable prices.

We work in a relatively small group here in Brussels and almost everyone is from a different country. Naturally, we talk a lot about traveling, places worth a visit and restaurant worth a try. Of course we are talking nicely about Slovakia. So nicely, actually, that our colleague visited Slovakia this past summer. Before he went we prepared a list of places one must see, things one should do and our favorite restaurants and cafés.

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