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When I was a child there used to be children’s flea market in our neighborhood. I don’t know who organized it, but once a year a flea market poster appeared on the front door of our apartment building. The flea market took place on a big playground right in front of a building where we lived. We saw it from our balcony, so even if we would forgot it was happening we never actually missed it. Every kid stretched a blanket and displayed all kinds of things for sell – books, toys, hamsters. I think we never actually sold anything, but I’m sure we bought few things at the market.

To this day I’m attracted to all kinds of markets. Here in Brussels you can find a market quite easily. It’s nothing unusually to see a street blocked for cars with people sitting in front of their houses with things for sell in front of them. I never bought anything but I’m always curious to see what people sell and what other people find still useful to buy. You would be surprised by some things you can see on display or by the state in which the things for sale are.

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