Creamy and Delicious Red Pesto Risotto – Pink Vagabond

This last few weeks have been pretty busy. With friends visiting us, us visiting Copenhagen, work deadlines, preparing for moving, city trips and Christmas planning I haven’t been cooking much. It was all about salads, soups, sandwiches and eating out lately.

I love to cook and love to eat the meals we prepare at home. So I really look forward to calmer weekends after New Year’s when we will be in our new flat. The flat with an oven so I’ll finally be able to bake. I have a long list of cakes and cookies to try and cannot wait.

Even on busy schedules I try to cook at least when we are at home on weekend. I almost never cook anything labor intensive, but sometimes even the basic meals can feel fancy.

That’s the case of this Italian style risotto. This recipe is much easier than traditional recipes for Italian risotto. It’s not necessary to constantly stir the rice. It has ton of flavor, is creamy and delicious.

Find the full recipe here: Creamy and Delicious Red Pesto Risotto – Pink Vagabond


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