Notes From a Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenreider – A review – Pink Vagabond

First I found The Art of Simple blog and shortly after that I started to listen to The Simple Show podcast. When I found out Tsh Oxenreider, the author of the blog and podcast, also published books I had to read them. I ordered Notes From a Blue Bike book, convinced I’m going to love it as much as I love Tsh’s blog and podcast. And I was right!

Tsh’s book is full of stories from everyday life, vivid pictures of bits and pieces of life in different places of the world, and thought provoking questions. It’s one of those books you can read in one sitting, because the stories flow so naturally and easily. At the same time, what you read will make you stop and think. What are your life goals? What it means for you to live intentionally? How you can gradually change your life to correspond to your goals and believes.

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The War of Art by Steven Pressfield – A review – Pink Vagabond

Subtitle of The War of Art book seems very promising: “Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles”. Who wouldn’t want to win, right?

What is the book about
The War of Art is divided into three books. In the first the enemy we fight against is defined – the Resistance. Pressfield describes all its forms, symptoms and ways it attacks. How it fight us, what it uses against us, how we believe it and how we let it trick us, and beat us. The Resistance is personified here, it has its own will, goals and ways.

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6 Surprisingly Good Books I Read Recently – Pink Vagabond

We all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Still, most of us do. And it’s understandable. Book cover, short description on the back and maybe a few snippets from the book are usually what decides whether we like the book enough to read it or not. We can, of course, check the book online, read a review on Amazon, or check the number of stars it has on Goodreads.

Even though, there are still book we are not thrilled about, book we don’t expect much from but read out of necessity, curiosity or boredom. And it’s actually good that we don’t expect much, because we can be pleasantly surprised by such a book. As we dive in we realized we are lost in a great story, we easily spend hours reading, we relate to a character and we cannot wait to discover what’s on the next page. At the end we are surprised how pleasant the book was and wonder how come no one told us what a great book it was. It’s nice to share good books with fellow readers I listed the books I read recently, didn’t expect much from them, but actually really enjoyed reading them.

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The Body Book by Cameron Diaz – A review – Pink Vagabond

First time I saw The Body Book it was in bookshop in Bratislava, right before Christmas last year. I was doing some last-minute shopping and was looking for inspiration.

Since I like Cameron Diaz as an actress, I was curious about her book. I liked the book instantly, the cover, the passages I randomly read. But I know that the book is always better in original version. I wanted to read the book in English so I didn’t buy it right away. And then I forgot about it.
I was kindly reminded about the existence of The Body Book by Amazon recently and decided to order it. Few weeks later it was at my desk and I finished reading it just yesterday.

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Getting the most out of self-development books – Pink Vagabond

This year I started to read more self-development books. What I noticed was that the experience and process of reading these books was very different from reading fiction books.

It takes me longer to read non-fictional books. They make me thinking and I take breaks to process the information I just read. I think how it applies to me, whether it’s true for me and what I’m going to do with this new-found awareness.

When I read a self-development book too quickly I easily forgot what was it about or what I liked about it. I realized I need to pay more attention to the book in front of me in order to get more from it.

I decided to share how I go through the self-improvement books now. I hope it will help you to get more from books you read. To remember their content longer and reference it more easily. These are three things I have been doing while reading self-improvement books.

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Book review: Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t – Pink Vagabond

If you ever wrote a book, read a good story or saw a great movie you will know that what Steven Pressfield wrote in his new book Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t is true. If you are writing a book, a movie script, an ad, a thesis or even a sales pitch then this book can help you.

Title of the book may sound discouraging but it was not meant to be. It only states the simple truth that there is no one out there just eagerly waiting to read your piece of writing. If you want people to read your writing, be it a book, an article, an ad or anything else, it has to be brilliant. Your writing needs to have a clear message and be funny, controversial, clever, interesting or catchy. It has to awake an emotion in a reader.

What is the book about?

Steven Pressfield started as an advertising copywriter then transitioned to book writing. Later he went to Hollywood to work on movie scripts only to come back to book writing at the end. In his career he learned a lot about writing. He found out that the best authors were applying the same storytelling principles, book structuring and the key components of a compelling story for centuries. He realized that these principles can be applied in other forms of writing not just fiction books or movie scripts.

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July Plans

I moved my blog to a new address. You can find more of my recipes, travel adventures and book reviews there.

Every month flies by so quickly. It seems like I was writing June plans just a few days ago but it has already been a month. It’s funny how you make plans with the best intentions and then life happens. I had some trips, visits and other activities planned for June, but in the end maybe half of the things worked out. But if I think about it half is actually still a pretty decent success rate.

Some of the activities I planned for June will actually happen in July. Seriously, flights are booked, itineraries are getting ready. And I also added some new things to my list. I will definitely benefit from long summer days and I can only hopefully that Belgian weather will cooperate (less rain and more sun in Brussels, please).

My plans in July involve all the things I love and need for a happy life. I have couple of good books ready, some summer activities in Brussels planned and we have some trips scheduled. So these are just a few things I look forward to in upcoming month:

1. Go to the Brussels Beach

The Brussels Beach is a summer tradition. It’s an urban beach created along the river banks for a few weeks in summer. In good weather it’s packed with people. Kids play in the sand, adults sip their cocktails, music is on and smell of good food lingers in the air. Since there are always many food tracks it’s also a great chance to try foreign cuisines.

2. Visit Munich, Germany

We have tickets since April but I still haven’t prepare itinerary for this trip. We will have 48 hours in Munich and I expect us to enjoy nice summer weather, good food, long walks and lots of leisure time. I’ll share some pictures over on my Instagram while there and a post later on. Do you have any suggestions as where to eat, what to see and what to do in Munich?

3. Read the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Following in my series of self-improvement/inspirational books right after 168 hours and The Art of Work will be Outliers: The Story of Success.

I have heard and read such a good words about this book and after I read an excerpt on Amazon I knew I want to read the whole book. It arrived mid-June and in July I will finally dive in. And from August on I should know how to become successful 😉 I got paperback version so it will be a perfect companion for summer vacations. Don’t worry I’ll report back around the end of July with my review and nuggets from the book.

4. Check out how Belgian Royal family lives

Every year for a few weeks the Royal family opens their official Royal Palace for public. It’s a chance to walk on marble floors and under crystal chandeliers and admire the artwork on the ceiling in the Mirror Room. You can visit the Royal Palace for free from the end of July until early September.

What are your plans for July? Will you be in Brussels? Do you have any recommendations for us in Munich? I’ll be happy if you share in comments.