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We all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Still, most of us do. And it’s understandable. Book cover, short description on the back and maybe a few snippets from the book are usually what decides whether we like the book enough to read it or not. We can, of course, check the book online, read a review on Amazon, or check the number of stars it has on Goodreads.

Even though, there are still book we are not thrilled about, book we don’t expect much from but read out of necessity, curiosity or boredom. And it’s actually good that we don’t expect much, because we can be pleasantly surprised by such a book. As we dive in we realized we are lost in a great story, we easily spend hours reading, we relate to a character and we cannot wait to discover what’s on the next page. At the end we are surprised how pleasant the book was and wonder how come no one told us what a great book it was. It’s nice to share good books with fellow readers I listed the books I read recently, didn’t expect much from them, but actually really enjoyed reading them.

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Blueberry Overnight Oats

If you are a busy person, overnight oats are your new best friend. You can prepare big batch of it one evening and next few mornings you don’t need to worry about your breakfast. They are also great to take with you to eat while commuting or to enjoy as a mid-afternoon snack.

I usually prepare it when I know I’ll be in a hurry next morning, or when I know I want to sleep in next day, but still have a good breakfast. Also when we travel early in the morning I want us to have a healthy, filling breakfast so I prepare this overnight oats and store them in jars. In the morning we just take it with us and eat in a train, bus or at the airport.

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The Body Book by Cameron Diaz – A review – Pink Vagabond

First time I saw The Body Book it was in bookshop in Bratislava, right before Christmas last year. I was doing some last-minute shopping and was looking for inspiration.

Since I like Cameron Diaz as an actress, I was curious about her book. I liked the book instantly, the cover, the passages I randomly read. But I know that the book is always better in original version. I wanted to read the book in English so I didn’t buy it right away. And then I forgot about it.
I was kindly reminded about the existence of The Body Book by Amazon recently and decided to order it. Few weeks later it was at my desk and I finished reading it just yesterday.

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Porto, you were great! – Pink Vagabond

We have been to Porto almost a month ago. Right after our trip to Barcelona. And even though these two cities are in the same part of Europe they are quite different. They look different, they taste different and they sound different. I was very surprised to hear Portuguese. I always imagined it sounds similar to Spanish but they don’t seem to be even close to each other. We couldn’t understand a word. (Not that we speak or understand much of the Spanish.)

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Warming carrot and red lentil soup – Pink Vagabond

What’s the weather like in your city? Here in Belgium it’s definitely fall. The temperatures went down significantly, central heating started to work and the days are shorter and shorter. It’s just the right time to cozy up at home with something hot and delicious. Something like this warming carrot and red lentil soup!

Some years ago we started to add chili to lots of recipes – soups, stews, dhals. Gradually I got accustomed to it. And in cooler weather I crave hot chili meals. Chili also helps the body to fight inflammation, clears a stuffy nose, improves body’s circulatory system and boosts immunity.

This carrot and red lentil soup is absolutely perfect for upcoming seasons. It warms you up, fills your belly and comforts you in case of bad weather. Basic ingredients, available year around make it easy to prepare this soup anytime. And thanks to great combination of ingredients this soup is rich in vitamin E, A and C, iron, as well as fiber.

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Getting the most out of self-development books – Pink Vagabond

This year I started to read more self-development books. What I noticed was that the experience and process of reading these books was very different from reading fiction books.

It takes me longer to read non-fictional books. They make me thinking and I take breaks to process the information I just read. I think how it applies to me, whether it’s true for me and what I’m going to do with this new-found awareness.

When I read a self-development book too quickly I easily forgot what was it about or what I liked about it. I realized I need to pay more attention to the book in front of me in order to get more from it.

I decided to share how I go through the self-improvement books now. I hope it will help you to get more from books you read. To remember their content longer and reference it more easily. These are three things I have been doing while reading self-improvement books.

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First impressions of Barcelona from our recent 48 hour trip – Pink Vagabond

As one of our friends said, 48 hours is not enough time to fully experience Barcelona. But it is enough time to feel the spirit and soak the atmosphere of the city. We planned our trip on September knowing that the weather in Barcelona at this time of a year is still nice and sunny, but not too hot.

First afternoon

We took Ryanair flight from Brussels to Barcelona and back, which meant we had 48 hours from landing to the next take off. We arrived in Barcelona in early afternoon, made a quick stop at the apartment we rented through Airbnb and took a metro to the stop closest to the Park Güell. It was one of the things on our Barcelona bucket list.

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